Healing Bracelets

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Healing Bracelets Are A Great Way To Affirm, Set Intentions, & Heal While On The Go. 

7 Chakras Bracelet: Activate & Balance All Chakras In The Body. See Chart

Lava (Essential Oil Infuser) Bracelet: Holds Essential Oil Of Choice (Apply Daily) Not Included, Promotes Stability, Strength, Courage & Healing. *Stones Formed From Lava.

Triple Protection: Tiger Eye Hematite Bracelet: Protection Against Ill, Curses, Promotes Harmony, Calms Fear & Nerves & Promotes Confidence. 

Rose Quartz Bracelet: Activates Love, Harmony, Peace | Opens up Relationships For Betterment. Brings & Promotes Peace & Calmness Within.

Black Tourmaline: Boosts The Immune System, Protection Against Negative Energy, Pain Relief, Offers EMF (Electric Magnetic  Frequencies) Protection.

Jade: Promotes Abundance, Harmony, Prosperity, Confidence, & Luck. 


*Rhodonite- Rhodochrosite: Lifts Depression, Spiritual Connection & Aid, Releases Old Wounds, Clears Energies & The Heart. 

Mexican Rosewood | Cedar Sandalwood (Essential Oil Infuser) Bracelet: Male Friendly
Connect With Nature, Promotes Inner Peace, Aids The Heart. (Natural Scent Soothes Too)  


Size My Vary 6mm-4mm Rarer Stone-8mm In Size | Elastic Bands | Do Not Submerge In Water| Place At Bed Side At Night